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The pace at which music business is conducted is hectic and sometimes even breathtaking. Business models are proposed and then either succeed or fail, sometimes before word of them has even reached our screens of our ever-present smart phones.

The Artist & Manager Awards, however, takes one night a year to reflect on and celebrate the achievements of artists and managers, as well as some of those who have supported us via their fine work in the music business.

This is the third year we have celebrated the art of the artist and the craft of the manager and also acknowledge the collaborative nature of their relationship.By joining together to present these awards, the MMF and FAC aim to reflect the synergy and mutual agenda shared by two organisations.

The Artist and Manager Awards 2012

Nominated Awards

Four awards are dedicated to those who are currently making waves in the industry, whether they be mercurial artist or savvy manager. These awards are about focussing on individuals who have created and delivered exceptional work as defined by their peers, whether it’s success in co-ordinating the myriad of details and ideas that make up the many layers of a successful campaign or outstanding performances and recorded works. In short; the ability to negotiate the many challenges faced in today’s music business.

These awardees are decided by a select committee of industry folk and the MMF and FAC.

Breakthrough Artists                                          Breakthrough Managers

2011:     Ed Sheeran                                             2011:     Giant Men Management
2012:    Madeon                                                   2012:     Owain Davies, OD Management
2014:    Rudimental                                             2014:     Jack Street & Sam Evitt, Method Music

Artist of the Year                                                 Manager of the Year

2011:     Adele                                                        2011:     Jho Oakley, JHO Management
2012:     Plan B                                                      2012:     Sam Eldridge, UROK
2014:     Pharrell Williams                                  2014:     Scott Rodger, Quest Management



Artists’ Artist Award

The Artists’ Artist award is given to an individual or group who have made an outstanding contribution to the creation and/or performance of music throughout their lifetime. Achieving longevity in one’s career is the utmost challenge of the music business and requires copious amounts of courage, determination and creative genius.

This award, is a recognition of the accomplishment and attitude of those who have achieved this longevity by their peers. It gives the rest of us a moment to refer to as ‘I was there when…’

2011:     Massive Attack
2014:     Robbie Williams

Led Zeppelin's Manager Peter Grant and Robert Plant

Peter Grant Award

Peter Grant was a larger than life figure even before he found his way onto the music scene in the early 1960′s. By the time notorious promoter Don Arden hired Grant to tour manage acts such as The Everly Brothers, Little Richard and many more, Peter had been a bouncer at the 2i’s coffee bar where Tommy Steele and Cliff Richard got their early breaks and had also been, for a short time, a wrestler.

In 1966 he took over management of The Yardbirds who were constantly struggling financially. It was Peter’s regular presence on the road with the band that began to see them paid properly for live appearances.

In 1968 Jimmy Page formed Led Zeppelin and such was the trust between Page and Grant that the business of Peter’s management of the band was conducted under a gentleman’s agreement.

Whilst some believe that the success of Led Zeppelin was in large part due to Peter’s understanding of the US market, it’s for his work elevating the status of artists and managers that The Peter Grant Award is named after him.

He is reported to have secured a significant portion of gate money for the band at a time when such business arrangements were unheard of and is credited with pioneering a shift in power from agents and promoters to artists and managers.

His raison d’être was simple – protecting his band and their finances – and his legacy lives on in the development of the artist centred businesses that we champion today. Sadly Peter died in 1995 of a heart attack.

The MMF Award for Outstanding Achievement was renamed The Peter Grant Award in 1996 to reflect the respect that many in the management community have for him and his work.

2011:     John Glover
2012:     Terry Blamey
2014:     Paul Loasby

Amanda Palmer

Pioneer Award

The Pioneer Award aims to highlight exceptional individuals who are forging new pathways in the music industry. Whether its technological, financial, musical or promotional, many deserve to be celebrated for creating bold and novel approaches that have achieved critical acclaim and commercial success in the past year. This award has been created to recognise those who pioneer and inspire others to do the same.

2011:     Everybody’s Management
2012:     Amanda Palmer
2014:     Ruth Daniel, Unconvention


Industry Champion

Industry Champion

The Industry Champion Award has been created to recognise true altruism in the music business, particularly where individuals or companies have treated artists and managers with fairness and given support to those who needed it most.

2011:     Martin Mills, Beggars Group
2012:     Zane Lowe
2014:     Keith Harris


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