Accessibility Policy

Our accessibility policy draws from resources created by Attitude is Everything, in particular their Guide Access for Reopening Venues Post-Covid. The AMAs seek to create an inclusive space that meets the accessibility requirements of all our Deaf and disabled attendees. If you have any feedback or would like to discuss our policy further, please contact

  • The venue is wheelchair accessible, with step free access via a ramp into the venue. 
  • There is one disabled/wheelchair accessible toilet within the venue, located next to the main toilets in the reception room. We ask that attendees remain mindful that not all disabilities are visible. 
  • The disabled/wheelchair accessible toilet is also designated as a non-gendered toilet. 
  • We will be operating a ‘queue jump’ provision entering the venue, for anyone unable to stand or queue for extended periods of time. If you require this, please email on or before Monday 15th November to ensure door staff are briefed and prepared to best support you and your needs.
  • For anyone with visual impairments/partially sighted, be aware that low lighting will be in use throughout the venue.
  • If you are attending the Artist & Manager Awards and have any specific accessibility requirements that you would like to highlight or discuss, please contact 

Safe Space Policy

In line with guidance from Mayor of London’s Women’s Night Safety Charter Toolkit, as well as Item 5 and 6 of the Music Managers Forum’s Code of Practice, the AMA’s have devised a Safe Space policy to ensure all attendees enjoy themselves in a safe, respectful manner, free from any forms of harassment or discrimination. 

The event will operate under the following Safe Space Policy:

  • We aim to create a welcome space for all attendees. Sexism, misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, abelism or any other kinds of discrimination are unacceptable forms of behaviour. 
  • Anyone failing to adhere to this policy will be asked to leave by a member of staff. No one should feel unsafe while they are here and we operate from a position of believing survivors.
  • If you experience or witness an incident in breach of our Safe Space Policy, please speak to a member of staff, contact the event ‘safe space champion’ or alternatively, you can file an incident report via the MU Safe Space Scheme (QR code below).
  • Please enjoy your night and thank you for adhering to our policy.